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Wednesday, 16-Jan-2013 06:09 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sword Art Online Kirito Sword is for Sale

With boom of SAO fans, the Sword Art Online Swords are ready for sale and begin to accept book, including Sword art online Kirito Sword and Asuna sword. The prices are around 140USD, was scheduled to launch in Jan 1st, 2013.
The sword of Kirito is very heavy with strong power in SAO, and sword of Asuna is very elegant and she is the deputy leader of Blood Knights very high position. She wears red and white uniform, affiliated with the love fine sword flashing light ,including scabbard and initial equipments, and her smile, cry expression and the lovely expression when she is looking at Kirito. Support the movable pillar enriched can reproduce a variety in the original scene.

Thursday, 10-Jan-2013 08:44 Email | Share | | Bookmark
What Gangster Boss Tom Hardy will be

David Yates is currently revising the script of Cicero, the script of the film from the original screenwriter is the famous writer Warren Green. Allegedly studios Warner decided produce this film into three seasonsy, but it is only the first part in preparation, shaped into a trickster tales.
The godfather Al-Gapone nickname Scarface, was born in 1899, grew up in the slums of New York Brook forest, parents are Italy immigrants. Nineteen twenties at the beginning of 1931, Al-Gapone ruled Chicago underworld, to become King of Chicago, Chicago Underground Mayor. Gapone's black will generally wore windbreaker, armed with assault rifles, assault with a grenade open-circuit, tough cruelty, make other gangs at. Reportedly, Al-Gapone personally kill more than hundreds, narrowly escaped ambush at least hundreds times. On 1932, Al-Gapone hide personal income, tax evasion crime and was sentenced to 11 years in prison. On 1947, He died in the Palm islands Florida.
Cicero may be started in 2013 production shooting. Tom Hardy will star its many actor. The familiar background with Bane under his Batman Bane mask in Batman, who built the undercity king, the strong power to control the whole city. The Dark Knight Rises Bane mask was a successful point in this film.

Friday, 28-Dec-2012 07:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Strong Competitor of Batman

The Alliance continuation for the first week of strong, with more than 5 into box-office share swept the South Korean cinema. Will be ranked second in Batman: the Dark Knight Rises behind. At the same time The Alliance beyond and War Crimes. This year the Korean box office charts, and will replace the Avengers reaching year box office champion
An intense plot with gorgeous action drama, as well as all the Sino-South Korean superstar personality character interpretation, to the Korea style rich crime action movie show to the public. The film is currently in the Korean web portal NAVER net score as high as 8.02, experts score of 7.05. But up to now Batman: the Dark Knight Rises movie ticket booking rate remains high at 31%, topping the list in advance. Due to the recent lack of strong competitors. The battle between Batman and bad guy Bane who wears bane mask amazon or bane mask voice amazon is still going on the screen. this strong trend is expected to continue to the end of August, and are likely to exceed 10 million viewers, box-office situation is very optimistic.

Friday, 21-Dec-2012 06:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
To be the Hight Level of Assassin

The wizard, high intelligence of the assassin occupation, the low MDEF occupation, great harm. But the assassin HP too many, a single case assassin generally have an advantage, camouflage! The enemy in the Ming, I in the dark. There is no thought wizard single assassins approach, but in groups battle, is not the same, ha ha, personally think that the team in a wizard's presence can greatly improve the ability of assassins to kill. Relative, as my assassin, since the party wizard in snow in sonic can improve my 4-5 times the survival ability and the ability to attack the.
Knight of game player friends have been discussing the various collocation problems, in fact, I personally feel, The spear is not for everyone now that inserts a bit me on the RO PVP view, PVP now the so-called strong occupation is what? In a word, seckill, I absolutely do not believe that a soul assassins have nothing to fear, that just because the mind + wrath also not seconds off a SVD assassin, however, the wizard? Other anemia occupation? A truth, seconds off the human occupation of being relatively second occupation is strong, on the contrary, some soul assassins see Assasins Creed Hoodie Costumes wizards in itch.
Have a temper to take the spear on lead heart ... ... The heart is no echo. So every occupation to raise V is necessary, for the time being I don't think there is any occupation PVP don't need, But now, the spear is not for everyone, as a turtle spear on collar, I am not figured out how to effectively combat the assassin method. But as a HP extreme high occupation, although the general difficult to carefree destroy assassin but should not fear. I although only assassin but very good knight. Oh, I wish the knights to walk out of trough, make the most of no turtle spear knight can also play in the PVP.

Tuesday, 27-Nov-2012 22:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Assassin's Creed III has become the big hit game

Assassin's Creed III to be beyond all doubt has natural advantages, it has the energy and ability to prove it's different. It is about a man endowed with a great mission, inspired by the assassin commands, like the call of destiny. Similar equipment, deep brotherly love, the perfect sanctuary -- Haystacks. The high-tech Animus concept, as well as Desmond still exist.
Compared with the previous works in the building between the jumps, apparently on the tree more easily. You can see thousands of troops in battle one another, as if you yourself involved. You can put your fighting skills set into a defensive, also may be configured to have smooth attack. Or are you snow gleams white. The border of the killing of a bear. Yes, a bear. Observe all these happen in the game settings scenario is shocking, which will this work to a new level.
Although the assassin creed did in the past few years great strides forward, but every step and a step up feeling very similar. Although through Ezio complete life, in fact before the three works by the same protagonist of the series of games has a certain predictability. Ubisoft is trying to pass with half Native American ancestry and half of British descent Connor to break this pattern. In the case of Ezio, game player will see a young stage of Connor in the Mohawk Valley home was destroyed and changed. During the war, Connor tried to fight for their beliefs, the story of the game focus most describe how he was Assassin's command indoctrination and education. Because of this game's long history, its fans want to be one of them by wearing Assassin's Creed cosplay costumes in many occasions.

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